Patricia Wallner has been working in Montessori since 1970.  She took her A.M.I. 3-6 diploma in Washington D.C.

After moving to the Netherlands in 1972 she worked at the AMI Office with Mario Montessori and then Ada Montessori. 

In 1985-86 she studied for the 0-3 diploma in Houston, Texas with Dr. Silvana Montanaro. 

For 17 years she worked in a bilingual Infant Community in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where she lives.


In 1995 she began working with Dr. Montanaro to become an AMI Trainer for the 0-3 Age Group. During her years in training, she earned her Master’s degree in Education.


She has trained students in Italy, England, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Czech Republic, Romania, the USA and presently in the Netherlands.  She has lectured internationally in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the U.S.A.  


Her big hope is to increase interest in Montessori 0-3, work with parents and encourage more people to train and work with this age group.  



Patricia Wallner- Director of trainer AMI Assistants Course 0-3